The Abortion Pill is a type of medication abortion (as compared to a surgical abortion).  It is the common name used for the regimen Mifeprex.  Those seeking abortion sometimes think that “medication” means “easy”. Since an abortion is an emotional decision, it is very important to understand the process so that the woman is not caught off-guard by the steps involved and the length of time to complete the abortion.

It is also important to be aware that should the medication abortion not succeed, a surgical abortion may be necessary.  Because two different medications are given at two different times (one to end the life of the embryo and the other cause contractions to expel the embryo), women may experience conflicting feelings about their decision before the abortion is fully complete. This, as well as managing the contraction and cramping stage at home, can be more difficult than she may have anticipated.

Our Clinic can provide information on the Abortion Pill regimen, answer questions and concerns involving the procedure and risks, and verify the viability of the pregnancy with ultrasound.  This can be especially important to make sure that the cramping (from the Abortion Pill) is not mistaken for an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.