Clinic Pregnancy

What does my emotional health have to do with abortion?

Each woman (and man) should evaluate their past and present emotional health before considering an abortion procedure.  Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are your current struggles with depression and anxiety?  Both are at an increased risk with abortion.
  • What are your past moral convictions about abortion?  Often women say that they do not like the idea of abortion or even that they used to think abortion was wrong, but now that they are pregnant and overwhelmed, they don’t see another way.  It’s important to consider what it means emotionally to go against your convictions.
  • How will an abortion experience affect your ability to care for others?  Sometimes women or men think abortion is necessary because they have other children to care for already.  However, they may not be prepared for the emotional burden that comes with children being a reminder of the abortion of another child.

There are other things to consider as well depending on your own emotional and mental health history.  If you would like to discuss the abortion procedure, other options, or find out about viability sonograms, text us at 443.333.8856.  All of our services are free, and we often have same-day appointments.