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What difference does my personal medical history make if I want an abortion?

You may have already decided that you want to have an abortion, but before you move ahead, there is another important step in the process. Many women do not stop to consider their personal medical history before they make a final decision. Because abortion is a serious medical procedure, some of the risks of abortion may be higher for women with certain medical conditions or certain factors in their medical history. Some things that should be explored include:

• When were you last tested for STDs?
• Do you have Rh negative blood type?
• Do you have or are you at risk for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?
• Do you have an ectopic pregnancy?
• Do you desire to have children in the future?
• Have you had an abortion before?

These issues and others should be considered before you have an abortion. The Pregnancy Clinic offers free counseling, ultrasounds, and STD testing prior to abortions. Understanding your personal medical history can be an important part of your future.