Pregnancy Testing

If you want to be confident you’re getting the correct results from a pregnancy test, let Pregnancy Clinic do the testing for you. Our tests are completely free and administered with the assistance of our trained counselors.

What is a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy tests work by detecting levels of the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone in your urine. The hCG hormone is known as the “pregnancy hormone.” It’s produced after the embryo has attached to the uterine wall. This process usually happens about six days after fertilization. The levels of hCG rise quickly, doubling every 2 to 3 days.

Why should I take my pregnancy test at the Pregnancy Clinic?

The first thing to remember is all the tests at the Pregnancy Clinic are free. There’s no need to rush to the grocery store or pharmacy to purchase one. We use only the highest quality, lab-certified pregnancy tests. Plus, our trained counselors on staff administer the test so you can be sure of the results. Upon request, you can receive verification of a positive pregnancy test. This document may apply for health insurance, WIC, etc.

I’ve already taken a home pregnancy test, what now?

We suggest you still come to the clinic and take another test. At the clinic, our trained counselors will make sure the analysis is correct. Besides, they’re free! Our tests are more sensitive than many over-the-counter home tests, and our pregnancy tests usually detect the hCG hormone earlier than some home varieties. Sometimes, women don’t read the instructions thoroughly when administering the tests themselves. If you’ve taken a home test and the results were negative, but your period hasn’t started, we can re-test you for precise results.

Will my pregnancy test results be confidential?

As a medical clinic, we have a strict confidentiality policy and are compliant with all state and federal privacy laws. You can trust your results, and your information remains confidential. All services are free and provided respectfully and professionally. No matter what assistance you need, we will never share results with parents or partners without your permission. Our mission is that all women have free access to the complete health information they need. How can we help you?

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