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I’m not sure if I want an abortion

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, there are three options: Abortion, Adoption, and Parenting. You might have mixed feelings about all three options. You might feel totally alone, with doubts and fears about your choices. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, that’s ok. This is your decision, no one can make it for you, and only you know what’s in your heart. So take the time to get informed, know your options, and evaluate your decision without external pressures.

Factors to consider

Your plans for your reproductive health, your life experience, your beliefs, and your current medical condition are all factors to consider in your decision. Take the time to talk about these things, considering both the short and long term risks and consequences of each choice, with a trained counselor who can listen to you without judgment and without having a financial stake in your decision.
That’s why the Pregnancy Clinic offers our services entirely for free. We will not make money from your decision no matter what you choose, so you’re in a position to feel free to discuss your questions, concerns, and thoughts in a caring, comfortable environment.

3 Choices

1. Adoption: Placing a baby for adoption is not like it used to be. There are many options when it comes to how you want your child to be raised in another home. You can choose an adoptive family who meets your criteria, and you can have more or less involvement in the future based on your personal preferences.
2. Abortion: Have you considered what type of abortion you’ll be having? Do you know exactly how far along you are or if your pregnancy is living? Are you aware of the various risks and side effects of the procedures? Do you know what questions you’re going to ask the abortion clinic or abortion provider?
3. Parenting: What would parenting look like for you? Who would support your choice and how would you make it work for you and your child? What resources will you need and where can you look for them?

To make your decision, you need information. The first step is to find out whether or not you’re pregnant and if the pregnancy is living. We can help!

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