Making a decision to take abortion medication can be very difficult and involve a lot of emotions. It’s also a very personal choice – and you may find yourself experiencing a wide range of feelings, such as anxiety, relief, or even regret. 

In some cases, the effects of the abortion pill can be reversed. Abortion Pill Reversal (or APR) is a process that has been used safely and effectively for over 50 years.

The Abortion Reversal Hotline, a service that is accessible 24/7, can connect you with our Women’s Clinics Maryland in Maryland, even if it’s after our usual hours. 

How Does Abortion Pill Reversal Work?

During pregnancy, your body naturally produces a hormone known as progesterone. When you take the first medication of the abortion pill process, mifepristone, this drug works to block the production of progesterone, encouraging the uterine wall to thin and the fetus to detach from the uterus. 

If a woman changes her mind after taking the first abortion pill medication (just mifepristone), she can attempt to reverse the process through abortion pill reversal. First, by getting connected with a servicing  center Women’s Clinics Maryland like ours, an ultrasound is performed to evaluate the effects of the abortion pill drug by verifying the heartbeat and location of the pregnancy. 

If certain markers of the pregnancy are confirmed, abortion pill reversal treatment begins when a physician prescribes an appropriate amount of progesterone in a medication form. Simply put, replacing the progesterone diminished by the abortion pill medication encourages the pregnancy to keep progressing. 

In typical cases, progesterone treatment to counteract the effects of the abortion pill will continue throughout the first trimester of pregnancy to ensure appropriate, healthy progression. 

Will It Work? How Effective is Abortion Pill Reversal?

Time is the biggest factor when considering the abortion pill reversal process’s effectiveness. When the abortion pill reversal process is initiated quickly and in consultation with a medical provider, it is highly effective and has a 64 – 68% success rate.

If you took the first abortion pill (mifepristone) and have changed your mind, time is of the essence. Even if you have taken both pills and want to investigate Abortion Pill Reversal, contact us !  Getting connected with a provider immediately can give the process the best chance of effectiveness. 

What are the Side Effects?

As with most medications, the progesterone given in the abortion pill reversal process has associated side effects, even though it is simply replacing your natural progesterone hormone interrupted by the abortion pill. Drinking more water can usually alleviate these symptoms. Some potential side effects of progesterone treatment may include: 

  • Lack of energy
  • Sleepiness
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort

The best way to ensure that the use of progesterone – or any medication – is done safely and effectively is to consult with a licensed medical professional such as at the Women’s Clinics Maryland and follow all recommended instructions from that provider. 

How Do I Get Abortion Pill Reversal? 

If you or someone you know has started a medical abortion with the abortion pill (mifepristone) and is having regrets or second thoughts, please call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline – or reach out to Women’s Clinics Maryland of Maryland directly so we can help you. Even if you think you might have waited too long, please reach out – it might not be too late. There is always hope, and you are not alone on this journey.