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If I have an abortion, can I still have children?

Questions about abortions can be answered through education and counseling. Many women find that taking time to talk gives them a sense of control over the issues they are facing. Answers to questions may lead to understanding more about the central issue of a crisis situation. Counseling can help you navigate through the sometimes confusing path of these life events.

Some women show signs of emotional or physical changes after an abortion. They may wonder about whether they can still have children or may avoid the subject of abortion altogether. Drug or alcohol use may increase after an abortion1.

There is help for those considering abortion or recovering from an abortion. Here at the Pregnancy Clinic we offer counseling and ultrasounds to educate and help you gather information. We also offer post-abortion counseling for women trying to understand their feelings following an abortion.

All of our services are free and you can find help by calling one of our clinics today.


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