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How safe is the Abortion Pill?

The term “abortion pill” is a misnomer. The medical (or medication) abortion can be an injection or combination of two pills or medications. The Abortion Pill (Mifeprex) is FDA approved to terminate pregnancies up to 7 weeks (49 days) from the LMP.1

Many women choose medication abortion thinking that it will be less painful or difficult than a surgical abortion procedure. After all, you can do at least part of the procedure in the comfort of your own home instead of an abortion clinic.

However, the abortion pill has specific risks and side effects that are different from the risks associated with other abortion procedures, and many women find that it is more difficult and less safe than they first realized.

Furthermore, some abortion clinics or abortion providers are using the medications “off label,” which means that they are not following the FDA guidelines. A woman considering a medication abortion needs to know the right questions to ask her provider in order to find out if the abortion clinic is using this medication in ways that meet FDA guidelines.
Before you choose medication abortion, make an appointment to get detailed information from a source that does not stand to profit from your decision one way or the other. A pregnancy test can’t tell you if your pregnancy is viable (living) or not. It is important to get the facts about this procedure, as well as the facts about the status of your own possible pregnancy, before moving forward. Our trained counselors and medical staff can give you the information you need.

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1. Mifeprex medication label. Food and Drug Administration Web site. Accessed August 4, 2013. pp. 6, 14.