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Do I need anyone else’s consent in order to get an abortion?

There are two types of parental involvement laws regarding abortion: notification and consent. If you are not an emancipated minor under 18, these laws apply to you. A “Parental Notification” law means that a parent or guardian must be notified before a minor undergoes an abortion procedure. A “Parental Consent” law means that a parent or guardian must give permission before a minor undergoes the procedure.

State laws vary on parental involvement for minors under 18 who are seeking abortion services. If you are under 18, the law in the state where you are seeking an abortion, not the state in which you live, will apply. If parental consent or notification is required, the consent or notification of any other person will not be accepted as a substitute.

In Maryland, the law states that if you are less than 18 years old, one parent (or legal guardian) must be notified of your decision to have an abortion prior to the procedure. Some minors may qualify for an exception in the professional judgment of the abortion provider.1

If you do not live in Maryland, here is a list of other states and their laws regarding parental involvement.

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