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Do I just make an appointment to get an abortion?

You’ve decided to get an abortion.  What’s next?  The steps leading up to making a decision to abort are important parts of the decision making process.  Many times, the decision making process is cut short and the abortion happens without ever knowing if it was even necessary.  Here are some important steps to take prior to having an abortion:

  • Make sure that you are pregnant.  A late period does not always indicate a pregnancy.  Lifestyle, diet, exercise and even medication may also cause changes in the menstrual cycle.  Free pregnancy tests are available at the Pregnancy Clinic.
  • Confirm the viability of the pregnancy. Up to 30% of early pregnancies may end in miscarriage making the abortion unnecessary.1  An ultrasound/sonogram can determine if the pregnancy is living (viable).  A sonogram done at 7 weeks post last menstrual period provides vital information about the pregnancy.  Make an appointment today for a free sonogram at the Pregnancy Clinic.
  • Determine how many weeks pregnant you are.  The sonogram can also help to determine the gestational age of your pregnancy.  The type and cost of an abortion is determined by the age of the pregnancy.
  • Get tested for STD’s. Testing for STD’s is important prior to an abortion.  If you have an untreated STD and then abort, you are at risk for further complications including pelvic inflammatory disease.2,3 Contact the Pregnancy Clinic to have free STD/HIV testing done prior to an abortion procedure.
  • Understand the risks/complications.   It is important that you are aware of the potential risks and complications of abortion.  Talk to someone who does not have a financial interest in your procedure to get the facts.
  • Get the answers to all your questions. Talking to someone you can trust about your decision is an important step.  Having someone to talk to and provide support can give you the confidence you need to be sure you are making the right decision for yourself.

Contact the Pregnancy Clinic today for a confidential, free appointment.


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