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I’m considering abortion, but worried it will be hard on me emotionally. 

You are in a unique situation – you have not yet had an abortion, yet you are anticipating the emotional effects it may entail.  You are to be commended for thinking ahead, and for considering your emotional state and how you handle trauma.  Because an unplanned pregnancy can be very scary, many women feel they have no choice but abortion, even if their heart or mind is warning them against it.  That fear can drive them to “act now–think later”.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself if you are in this situation:

  • What are my moral or spiritual beliefs concerning abortion?
  • How will an abortion experience feel to me five, ten, or twenty years from now?
  • What/who are the specific pressures causing me to consider abortion?
  • What current struggles do I have managing depression or anxiety?
  • What would make this pregnancy doable? What am I lacking?
  • What questions do I have regarding options, procedures, and risks?

Your first step will be to verify your pregnancy with a test and to check for viability (living pregnancy) with a sonogram, to determine if an abortion is even necessary.  The next step is to talk with someone who can help you know what to expect physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually with any of the options: abortion, parenting, or adoption, and what resources are available.  We are here to help.  Our services are free, and we may even be able to see you today.

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