We can discuss things, and we can disagree and be OK.


I’m scared of how my partner will react when we disagree.

While people are often drawn together because they have a lot in common, no two people agree on everything all the time.  It’s part of what makes us individuals.  But the individuals that make up the couple need to know how to communicate in a way that says I’m willing to listen and hear your point of view even if I don’t agree.  When that doesn’t happen, at its best…there is a lack of joy and fun in the relationship…and its worst, there is fear.  Fear of what the other person will think, say, or even do.  If you are in a relationship and feel you have to guard what you say to your partner, it might be fear that you are feeling.  Maybe you fear the person would laugh at you.  Maybe you fear the person would leave you.  Sometimes when a relationship jumps to being physical, the couple doesn’t take the time to work on the verbal.  When the initial thrill of the physical wears off, there might not be much left.  It might not be a healthy relationship.  And if it’s fear that is left…the relationship might even be dangerous.

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