Before your abortion procedure, it’s important to take a series of steps to ensure abortion is the right choice for you. Contact the Pregnancy Clinic to get help completing this pre-abortion checklist. Talk to us about your abortion questions. We’ll provide answers.

Up to 30% of early pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage, avoiding the need for an abortion. Before seeking an abortion, contact the Pregnancy Clinic to learn if your pregnancy is viable (living) or at risk for a natural miscarriage. An abortion performed when a pregnancy is not viable can result in unnecessary cost and medical procedure(s).

Different abortion methods are used in different weeks of pregnancy. Before you schedule your abortion procedure, contact the Pregnancy Clinic. Our licensed medical staff can schedule a free viability ultrasound for you to accurately date your pregnancy and provide other important information that may determine what abortion options are available to you.

It’s important to be tested for STDs before your abortion. If you have an undiagnosed STD during your abortion procedure, it may cause complications following the abortion, including Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which can lead to serious medical consequences including infertility and ectopic pregnancy. Contact the Pregnancy Clinic to make an appointment for free STD/HIV testing before your abortion procedure.

Before your abortion, be sure you understand the abortion methods that may be available to you and what will happen during the procedure. The Pregnancy Clinic has licensed medical staff available to help answer your questions about what abortion methods may be available to you. Contact us to discuss your abortion options and learn what you can expect from each type of abortion procedure.

Women who’ve had an abortion report many different experiences. There are possible physical, psychological and emotional side effects. The licensed medical professionals at the Pregnancy Clinic are available to answer your questions about the potential physical health risks associated with various abortion methods, as well as some emotional and psychological side effects.

It’s normal to have questions about your situation and your options when you’re considering abortion. Visit the Pregnancy Clinic to get answers to any questions you may have about pregnancy and abortion, including:

  • How far along is my pregnancy?
  • Is my pregnancy viable (living)?
  • What do I know about the different abortion options?
  • When was my last menstrual period?
  • Is someone pressuring me to have an abortion?

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, everyone wants to give their opinion about what you should do. But it’s your decision. No one can decide for you, pressure you, or force you to have an abortion, even if you’re a minor. Forced abortion is against the law. Contact the Pregnancy Clinic to receive the information and support you need to make your own decision about abortion.

Abortion is a big decision. Having someone to talk to and provide support can give you the confidence you need to know you’re making the right decision for yourself. The Pregnancy Clinic staff is experienced in supporting and caring for women facing unexpected pregnancies. Contact our clinic to make a confidential appointment to talk to us about your situation and discover your options.

If you’re under 18 years old and you’re seeking an abortion, you should know that, according to Maryland law, some clinics require you to notify your parents about your decision to have an abortion. However, no parental notification is needed to visit the Pregnancy Clinic. Contact us to make a free, confidential appointment to receive the abortion information you need to make an informed decision.

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