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Can I get an abortion without anyone knowing?

In Maryland, if you are a minor, one parent/legal guardian needs to be notified about your procedure. (For more information on notification laws for minors you can refer to our other posts about Parental Notification). However, regardless of your age, you may need to have someone to transport you to the abortion clinic. This is, in part, due to the risks and side effects of the abortion procedure.

Something to consider is that one of the side effects of the abortion pill, Mifiprex, is the suppression of the immune system. This may leave you vulnerable to serious viral and bacterial infections, including sepsis, an infection of the blood which affects the entire body and can cause death.1,2
An unexpected pregnancy can be a stressful thing. This is not the time to distance yourself from your support system, but to seek help from those you trust the most. The Pregnancy Clinic offers free counseling so that you can talk to someone about your pregnancy confidentially. We can also offer you a free ultrasound to see if your pregnancy is viable or if it will miscarry on its own and you can talk to a medical professional about your questions and concerns.

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