Maryland is a “Notification Only” state for minors seeking abortions.  That means that one of your parents is required to be notified about the decision to have an abortion.

However, parental notification is not required for appointments at our three pregnancy clinics in Annapolis, Bowie, and Severna Park.  We offer free and completely confidential services that include pregnancy tests and viability ultrasounds.  Our pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, laboratory grade pregnancy tests.  Even if you’ve taken one or more at home, we can do a simple test for free and go over your options and questions. 

If your test is positive and you are considering abortion, we can do a viability sonogram (most of the time the same day—especially if you make an appointment).  Our nurse sonographer will look to see if the pregnancy is viable (heading towards surviving).  That is an important first step in determining if an abortion is even needed or if the pregnancy is likely to end on its own.

Have a question or need a test?  Call or text: 443.333.8856.