I can easily tell my partner when I’m feeling upset or hurt.


My partner is possessive and controlling.


Here is a good question to ask yourself:  do you feel you need to hide things from your partner?  In a healthy relationship, there might be disagreements.  However, each partner should feel that they can still talk about their own feelings and opinions without fear.  We’ve talked a little in past blogs about some aspects of control (stalking; keeping track of your phone; managing your friendships with others, etc.).  But, a partner’s possessiveness and control can even intimidate what you are willing to share and express about how you feel.

It might be about sex.  You may not even want to be in a sexual relationship.  You may have tried to communicate this, but your partner isn’t listening.

It could be about a pregnancy or abortion.  While some women are initially upset about being pregnant, it is sometimes due to lack of support they feel from their partner.  A partner may even be pressuring an abortion.

If you are concerned that you may be facing pressure – whether about sex or abortion, we have free services that may help.

We offer free pregnancy tests, free STD testing, and free information on abortion procedures and risks.  Call or text us: 443.333.8856.


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