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Abortion, Parent, or Adoption:  How do I make the choice?

When faced with an unanticipated pregnancy, no option is easy.  After all, it was not part of your plan to be pregnant.  However, it is important to be as clear-minded as possible since this will be one of the biggest decisions you ever make.  There are many factors that will play into your decision.

First and foremost

You will want to put off the tendency you may feel to rush into a decision.  With a big decision, it is important to do research, gather information, and gain knowledge.  In addition to running a pregnancy test for you, one of our services is to provide answers on all your options.  Talking and gaining information will put you in a better position to look honestly at your options and make your decision knowing the pro’s and con’s for each.

Another important factor to consider…

…will be your moral and ethical values when it comes to abortion.  Many people have faith or moral-based opinions about abortion but choose to push them aside when faced with their own personal crisis.  This can be a difficult burden to bear since it involves going against personal convictions.  When it comes to making a decision about parenting or adoption, you need to look at your resources and support systems.  Even with adequate amounts of both, some women may wish to purse adoption.  It is important to realize that gathering information about adoption, abortion, or parenting does not obligate you to any of them.  The decision is ultimately yours.  Ask yourself the following questions to start:

  • What are my moral, ethical, or faith convictions and how will each decision relate to those?
  • In what ways am I feeling pressured towards any particular decision?
  • How will my decision affect me 5, 10, 20, or 50 years from now?
  • What do I know about my pregnancy and it’s likelihood to continue at this point?

We can help you sort through these tough questions.  Our services are free, no pressure, and no obligation.  Call or text us to find an appointment that works with your schedule.