Can I change my mind after taking the Abortion Pill?

By pcadmin on 3/9/2015

There is a procedure that may be able to reverse the effects of the abortion pill, or RU486, if it is administered in time. 

Do I have to tell my parents?

By pcadmin on 3/4/2015

While state laws vary, if you are under 18 the laws of the state where you are seeking an abortion, not the state you live in, will apply.  In Maryland, the law states that if you are under 18 years old, one parent (or legal guardian) must be notified of your decision to have an abortion prior to the procedure. However, you may qualify for an exception in the professional judgment of the abortion provider.1 You can see our previous blog post about more details regarding parental notification.

Do I need anyone else’s consent in order to get an abortion?

By pcadmin on 2/23/2015

There are two types of parental involvement laws regarding abortion: notification and consent. If you are not an emancipated minor under 18, these laws apply to you. A “Parental Notification” law means that a parent or guardian must be notified before a minor undergoes an abortion procedure. A “Parental Consent” law means that a parent or guardian must give permission before a minor undergoes the procedure.

I’m not sure if I want an abortion

By pcadmin on 2/18/2015
When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, there are three options: Abortion, Adoption, and Parenting. You might have mixed feelings about all three options. You might feel totally alone, with doubts and fears about your choices. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, that’s ok. This is your decision, no one can make it for you, and only you know what’s in your heart. So take the time to get informed, know your options, and evaluate your decision without external pressures.

What if I have an ectopic pregnancy?

By pcadmin on 2/10/2015
Ectopic pregnancy is a potentially life-threatening condition in which an embryo implants outside of the uterus, most often in the fallopian tubes, which may cause the tube to burst.1 Ectopic pregnancy is a leading cause of death in first trimester pregnancies.2  Ectopic pregnancy requires specific medical intervention and cannot be terminated by a standard surgical abortion.3 

Should I get STD tested before an abortion?

By pcadmin on 2/2/2015
At the Pregnancy Clinic, we recommend STD testing prior to abortion to prevent undiagnosed STDs from spreading farther into the reproductive system.1 At most abortion clinics, STD testing prior to an abortion is not a routine procedure.2  Also, the abortion clinic may charge additional fees for testing. We offer free STD testing for women in each of our three locations.

Why should I come to the Pregnancy Clinic instead of taking a home test?

By pcadmin on 1/23/2015
The Pregnancy Clinic offers a free laboratory grade pregnancy test. While at-home tests may be very accurate, they can be mishandled or misread. Additionally, a pregnancy test cannot determine if your pregnancy is viable, (meaning living). The test can detect whether or not the pregnancy hormone (HCG) is present in your urine, but a viability ultrasound is necessary to determine whether or not the pregnancy is living. At The Pregnancy Clinic, viability ultrasounds are also available for clients who qualify...


By pcadmin on 1/16/2015

A woman has many decisions to make when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. There are several options when considering abortion.

How safe is the Abortion Pill?

By pcadmin on 1/7/2015

The term “abortion pill” is a misnomer. The medical (or medication) abortion can be an injection or combination of two pills or medications. The Abortion Pill (Mifeprex) is FDA  approved to terminate pregnancies up to 7 weeks (49 days) from the LMP.1

Can you get a Free Abortion in Maryland?

By pcadmin on 12/21/2014

While there are programs that can offer you a reduced or no cost abortion, they are typically based on income qualifications and may not cover other services which could be necessary before having an abortion. Additionally, if your pregnancy is not viable, you may not need an abortion.

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